Year: 2014

Next Generation Leader – Book Review

As the author of Next Generation Leader, Andy Stanley is writing not for pastors specifically, but for leaders in general. However, as the senior pastor of the North Point Ministries campuses with over 20,000 people attending weekly, Stanley is primarily

Streams of Living Water – Book Review

As a renowned theologian and author, Richard Foster is a strong but gentle voice on a variety of matters. As a Quaker, he brings a viewpoint that seems almost outside of the mainstream conversations on practical theology and spirituality, but

Get out of the Boat? Are you Crazy?!

In Matthew 14:22-33 we can find the story of Jesus walking on water, and the subsequent account of Peter stepping out of the boat with his own attempt at water walking. Upon reading this it is very easy to slip

Cause for Laughter?

In Genesis 18:1-15 we have the story of three “men” who appeared to Abraham and his household. With the good hospitality of the day, Abraham and his household made these strangers welcome and gave them the best of their food.

For the Praise of God

Now, of course I and every other person in ministry should be serving the Lord for His praise, and not for those around us. The moment that our reasons for serving are focused on the praise of men is when

Turning Things Upside Down

My current favorite way of thinking about the good news of the Gospel is in terms of right side up vs ǝpᴉsdn uʍop. This is something is often lost in our contemporary understanding of the Gospel, because we generally do